First signs of life

On our Youtube channel we posted a video of the first test towards walking.

In this video TUlip uses inverse kinematics to calculate what the position and orientation of its right leg should be in order to mimic its left leg. To test this we manually move its left leg and see if TUlip can make its right leg to follow.

This test shows the legs can be positioned to every desired position, which we will need when we want to keep balance and walk

More videos of the testing will follow as we work towards walking and kicking

Breaking News: We are qualified for RoboCup German Open and RoboCup 2011 Istanbul

TUlip has been qualified for both RoboCup German Open as for the annual world cup for soccer playing robots. This world cup is called RoboCup 2011 and will be held in Istanbul. These competitions will be a great opportunity for us to show TUlip to the world. We will participate in the adult-size league together with team Eindhoven as one united team. Therefore we will be taking two robots with us: TUlip (TUD) and Eindroid (TU/e).


German Open will take place from March 31 until April 3. No competition will be held in the adult-size humanoid league, since there did not apply enough robots that could compete. Therefore we are given the chance to demonstrate the robots and test the robots under RoboCup conditions. For more information about RoboCup German Open please go to


RoboCup 2011 is held in Istanbul and takes place from July 5 until July 11. During the RoboCup we will participate in a competition against eight other international teams. For the full list of teams and videos of the robots please to go to bottom of the website under the AdultSize header. More information about the RoboCup 2011 can be found

New 3D-printed head for TUlip

As you can see TUlip has a new head, his previous one could not fit the upgraded camera's. The new camera's are smarter and better in producing a three dimensional image of its suroundings and estimating the distance to objects.

The new head is designed to be as light as possible while still remaining rigid. Unlike the previous head this one is not made of aluminum. The new head is 3D-printed with the new printers from the faculty of 3mE. These printers stack a number of thin sheets of plastic, which need to be peeled of in order to uncover the head. Usually the first years mechanical students work with these printers for their mid term project. Luckely we were able te use the printers for the newly designed head.

After 22 hours of printing the head was ready to be unpacked. It took us another two days to unwrap all the thin sheets of plastic to finally review the head. Interested in more photo's please go to our Flickr account.

New qualification video is now online

This is the qualification video for participation in the adult-size league for RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul. For more information about the competition:

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As of now, Dutch Robotics has it's own facebook group and twitter account!

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New Season, New Picture!

After our Kick-off meeting on Tuesday 31 August, we made a new team picture.
With this fantastic group, winning the RoboCup in Istanbul should not be a problem!

Our team now constist of around 30 people, but we are still looking for more.
If you're interested in joining us, contact Jeroen Fransman.

Robocup 2010 Qualification video

Article in TU Delta

In the TU Delta (the newspaper of the TU Delft) of the 14th of January 2010 an article can be found about the Dutch robotics team. The digital version can be found here here, see page 19 for the article.

TUlip on RTL5

At 23 November 2009 a video crew of RTL5 came to the lab to make an item about TUlip for the program " Bedrijf in Beeld" . In this item our sponsor Sogeti told about the robot and explained what their relation is with Dutch Robotics. The video can be found here, the item about TUlip starts at 9.08 min.

Article about Dutch Robotics in TU Delta

In the TU Delta (the newspaper of the TU Delft) of 14-01-2010 an article can be found about the Dutch robotics team. The digital version can be found here here, see page 19 for the article.

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